About Web Hosting Services

A web hosting services is a kind of Internet hosting support which enables people and organizations to create their own website accessible through the World Wide Web. This service is offered free of cost and is mostly used by individuals, associations, companies and even government departments to establish an online presence. Web hosting services are available in two versions. These are the shared hosting and the dedicated hosting. In case of the shared hosting, the same server is used by many other sites and thus sharing the cost with them. However, the dedicated hosting server is literally a single server which is exclusively meant for the use of one single website.

Many people use multiple domains hosting account in order to gain unlimited bandwidth and storage space and so on. One may ask why one would need a dedicated server when there are numerous websites existing on the Internet. Well, if you have many sites and you want them to share the cost of maintaining a server and if your server crashes, the websites could crash as well and that would not help you or your business in any way.

One may also wonder how one is supposed to find a good provider. There are many ways to go about it. The first and foremost way is to conduct a search on the Internet. This can be done by looking up various reviews about various web hosting services and check out the features they offer. Another method is to check out the website of the provider and read the reviews posted by other individuals.

Then, one has to compare the features, services, price and other factors offered by different service providers and then choose a host. There are many types of hosting options. Amongst these are dedicated servers, collocation, VPS, clustered, managed, reseller, cloud, home and school and clustered hosting. Amongst all the main types, dedicated servers are perhaps the most expensive due to the fact that it is provided on a primary level.

In addition to dedicated servers, there are other types of web hosting services. Some of these are free hosting options and some of them are paid hosting options. A free hosting option provides websites with space and bandwidth but cannot be used for e-commerce or other online transactions because of security reasons. It is also very limited in terms of the number of websites it can host. Paid web hosting plans on the other hand are more economical, especially if large volumes of websites are required and if the servers hosting these websites are costly. Learn more information about best hosting company in bangladesh

On the contrary, collocation web hosts offer a geographically dispersed infrastructure where many servers are located in different locations. Many of these collocation servers contain operating systems that are very much reliable and efficient. In addition to this, the servers are networked together through a common core network which further improves the reliability of the system. Resellers also provide web hosts with servers that contain redundant power sources, overheads and bandwidth which are all very important to a wide number of websites that are using the server. These features make a dedicated server at a more preferable option than any other.

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