Amazon and its Competitors: What went right With Jeff Bezos?

There are many questionable factors for Amazon, like how it went from a junkie Bookselling start-up to one of the biggest business Empires in the World. This is not a fool’s only because of the fortunate things which happened with Amazon. There are many things which went right in the initial days of Amazon. 

There is always a touch of luck in every success story, and Amazon is also a part of it. The competitors now are facing some issues with competing with Amazon, and it is understandable. Amazon is taking its steps safely, and this is not liked by their competitors. A company’s performance is highly dependable on the market value of their shares which means the stock value of Amazon. 

In the year 2020, the stock market value of Amazon hit a peak several times, which resulted in huge profits. You can check out NASDAQ: AMZN for the current Market price on Amazon.

In this article, we will take a look at what went right for Amazon and bad for its Competitors. 

● You should know that the market of any company plays a huge role in the performance. The market value of Amazon is taking a huge jump for over a decade now. Amazon has always been performing in a great way for years now. The stock prices of Amazon are not a child’s play because of the increasing rate. 

● Amazon has been performing well, and on the other hand, its competitors are not on the same level. The stick prices of companies like Walmart, etc., which are performing the same function are not on the peak. This makes a huge difference between Amazon and its competitors. 

● Amazon provides A-certified products on their mart. These products are highly rated, and being the number 1 retailer market, its reputation is not at all bad. You would see that in many major markets like India, the name of Amazon is established and well known. In addition to that, Jeff has always discord a home run whenever a chance is available. 

● When the Internet was not a big thing in India, there was no chance for Amazon to succeed. As soon as the internet revolution took place, amazon came up with its premium services and now you can see the result. 

● Every market where Amazon has entered is now ruled by Amazon itself. Its digital streaming platform is contributing large sums to the total market price. The stick of Amazon’s market stock price is $3200, which is very high compared to its cap. Therefore, Amazon is going to become a huge giant in every county and market it enters. You can check AMZN news before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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