How to Make a Rose and Glass Tabletop

When I saw the rose and glass dome sitting on my office desk, I instantly had to have it. There was no way I could pass up such a beautiful object, but when I did I also had to think about how I was going to finish my design. For most people, a rose and glass dome is a difficult task. The design is challenging and the process time consuming. I will share a few tips I used to complete my dome.

The first step is the hardest. The rose and glass dome where already existent products which were bought, and so were not customized much at all. Luckily the diamond-tipped glass fiber optics were already a lot of fun and adds a whole lot to the final result, but when someone looks at it from any distance, the bottom is what really stands out. It took me almost an entire year to complete my rose and glass project, which is not bad given the fact that most people do not finish their projects in that amount of time.

My plan was to build a rose and glass greenhouse, which I named the Garden of Love. I wanted to build a dome which was filled with many different types of climbing plants that would bloom all season long, plus plant roses, as well as possibly have a fountain in there as well. A few of my friends thought that the Garden of Love was rather tacky, but I loved the finished product, even though it was not very aesthetically pleasing. I decided that I wanted to finish one side of the project first, and then move onto the other side once I had the first section finished. I knew I wanted to finish with a rose and glass effect, so I started with the largest area possible.

After I had gathered all of the necessary tools and materials, I set up shop on my large workbench. I decided on a round metal frame for the bottom of the dome, since this seemed to be the most important part of the entire project. Once this was in place, I laid out the Styrofoam base and cut a series of 4 inch by 8 inch rose petals to use as spacers. I used these to fill in the gaps between the petals and along the bottom of the base. I wrapped around the inside edge of the bottom of the frame and cuffed it lightly, then placed the petals evenly on top of the Styrofoam and pushed them gently into place, making sure they were firmly in place. Let us know more about this by clicking on the given link

Once the rose and glass were in place, I secured it to the frame with some Styrofoam and finished the edges of the rose petals with a rosewood filler. The final step was to fill in the holes around the rose and glass by hand using my fingers. Once this was done, I applied the final finishing touch, placing small rosewood screws on the edges around the edge of the table to hold everything in place. Since this was an evening event, I decided to use some chocolates as table favors. I melted a handful of dark chocolates and covered each one with a small rose.

This was my first attempt at constructing a rose and glass tabletop. It was fun to build and the finished product turned out fantastic! My hubby was impressed with how easy it was to create and now I am dreaming about how I will create more of them. There are so many projects to do with roses and I can’t wait to see what inspiration will strike me next!

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