Importance of Advertisement

The importance of advertisement is as understood by the producers and consumers in a free and open society. A producer who seeks to advertise his goods and services will seek to achieve as many persons as possible to take the benefit of the advertised item. Likewise, a consumer seeks to purchase goods and services that are attractive to him so that he can be motivated to make use of it. The producers and consumers share a common aim to attain their goals through advertising.

The existence and importance of advertisement are demonstrated in large-scale industries such as the airline, bus and train operators, manufacturers of clothes and accessories, etc. All these enterprises have one common objective to persuade persons to use their products and services and acquire them for daily life. The producers of clothes, accessories and clothes for other uses have an even higher aim to persuade individuals to purchase large sums of money worth of goods. Even when the goods and services offered by such enterprises are low priced, they are still important to persuade persons to use them.

It is evident from the above example that the importance of advertisement lies in the ability of the commodity to solve the needs of the users. For instance, the need of clothes is not the same in all nations. The commodity needs to be adapted to the peculiarities of different countries. However, the commodity is the target of advertising so that the large number of persons who consume it can be reached without the need to make large investments.

In spite of the fact that there is an importance of advertisement, some marketers argue that the process of advertising has become so widespread that it has destroyed the essence of marketing activity. Merely advertising the product does not help in creating awareness among the consuming public. There must be an additional element of communication and persuasion in the advertising process if it is to be successful. Advertising helps create awareness by suggesting the product to the consumer in a way that he comes to recognize the benefits of using it. This persuasion process helps to create awareness without requiring the consumer to do anything on his own.

Advertising plays an important role in creating awareness and also helps to create a demand for the product. If a manufacturer sells the same commodity at a higher price than others, he will have to pay a reasonable price for it in order to gain a higher market share. This is one of the reasons for the importance of advertising in raising the sales of a product and it also helps to give it a reasonable price. You can get more information about marketplace Auckland.

The importance of advertisement can be understood from the fact that it creates new customers for a company. If a manufacturer spends money on advertising, it will be possible to attract a greater number of customers to buy his products. Advertising helps to create demand for a product by creating an awareness of its benefits and making the customers aware of the presence of a competing product that may offer a better quality at a lower price. It is through advertisements that manufacturers are able to convince customers to purchase a new product which would otherwise have been sold due to lack of sufficient demand.

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