Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to choice for creating presentations

To apply your custom color theme to the entire PowerPoint presentation, do the following. In order to be able to see the different colors, you have to go to “”Design”” and select “”Colors”” in the “”Variants”” group. There you can either select a predefined color palette from PowerPoint or create a new theme color under “”Customize colors””. Now you will have access to the “Color Scheme Name” custom colors on your computer and can apply them to any presentation or template. Any presentation can have any custom color scheme applied to it.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to choice for creating presentations. This series shares tips and ideas for working with PowerPoint, as well as beautiful PowerPoint templates and themes to make your presentations look stunning. It doesn’t get more classy than a combination of grays and blues. This new take on a classic color scheme adds another brighter blue as well to pick up on modern trends. While reverse text and red aren’t always recommended, you can see from the Nova template that it can be a stunning combination. But note, this modern color scheme is best for specific content and audiences.

If you have specific fonts in mind for a presentation, it’s easy to choose your own theme fonts. The first 4 theme colors are for the color of your text. In this lesson, we use Paint to identify the color from our company logo. We paste the logo in Paint, then select the Color Picker tool, and click the color we want to identify. If we then open the Edit Colors window, we can see the RGB value for the selected color. We can then enter this value for one of the colors in our PowerPoint template.

Then click Save Current Theme… to open the Save dialog box. For each color you pick from the color picker, you will notice that there are some variants added to the color palette. This will become very useful to add new hue or tones of the same color into your presentation objects. Depending on what version of powerpoint color theme by you use, you have access to these color themes and apply them to your presentation. By using contrasting colors, it’s easy to call out content elements.

This would be perfect for female-oriented business products, or presentations about beauty, pop culture, and more. Orange is the most vibrant color in the color spectrum. It’s full of energy and life, so it’s perfect when you want to really get your audience excited about the contents of your presentation. This PowerPoint template from aqrstudio uses orange gradients alongside circular icons and graphics.

7.Now that we know all of the colors on our color wheel. Color Theory now helps us organize them into different combinations/ schemes. Hi Alex, sorry for noticing your comment a bit late. We suggest you keep only shades and tints of the 4 colors.

This color scheme is one of those that you will either love or hate. The bright coral color is powerful and generates an immediate reaction. Teal is a fun color option that will provide a lot of practical use with your slide deck.

You can add custom colors to the Color Toolbar which means you can create an extended Color Palette – perfect for Marketing and brand teams in large organizations. Once you setup custom colors, you can also export your Color Toolbar setup to share with colleagues. While the above color scheme also includes a hint of yellow for accents, the teal color option is strong enough to stand alone. It also pairs amazingly well with black and white images.

They are similar to the themes in PowerPoint, but a little more precise. If you now want to know more about why you should use templates, you can find out more in our blog post Creating PowerPoint Templates. The screenshot below shows how to select a theme and theme colors in Office 365 PowerPoint, but the process is identical in PowerPoint 2019. Using a monochromatic color scheme in your PowerPoint is very easy.

Now you can select your color individually by using the color circle, color palette or direct input of the RGB Values. Blue presentation color schemes will always be in style. The only thing that changes is the variance of the hue. This pair of blues – a bright crystal blue with a darker teal – works in almost the same way as the pair of greens above.

This will make the colors available for easy use each time you open PowerPoint. You can also share your extended color palette with team members . PowerPoint comes with a number of built-in color themes available for use. This is a quick way to apply colors to your presentation if you don’t want to spend time on creating your own.

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