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Just stick to well-lit spots, and don’t forget weekly watering. The idea that houseplants have an appreciable effect on indoor air quality is largely based on the Clean Air Study conducted by NASA in the 1980s. The study tested plants in sealed chambers and with highly elevated levels of volatile organic compounds .

Marie Iannotti is a life-long gardener and a veteran Master Gardener with nearly three decades of experience. She’s also an author of three gardening books, a plant photographer, public speaker, and a former Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator. Marie’s garden writing has been featured in newspapers and magazines nationwide and she has been interviewed for Martha Stewart Radio, National Public Radio, and numerous articles. Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Yes, the ZZ plant is aesthetically striking, and yes, it tolerates incredibly low light levels (in fact, you could leave it in a dark corner if that’s the only space you have available). But it’s the conversation-starting name that’s got us most smitten!

Kamerplanten in pot also need occasional fertilisation to thrive as the potting mix gets depleted of nutrients with time. Rubber trees can measure over 100 feet tall in their native Asia, but regular pruning will keep the ornamental variety in check. A potted rubber tree tolerates bright direct light, but put it in a slightly more shaded spot and it will thank you for it. Water when the soil has dried out — about every week or so.

Simply add more water once the top inches of the soil have completely dried out. At IKEA you’ll find different kind of potted cactuses to suit your style. Various species are suitable plant to display and grow during the Christmas period.

“”Just dunk them in water for about two or three hours every 10 days or so,”” says Tovah Martin, expert gardener and author of The Indestructible Houseplant. This fluffy plant tolerates a lot more abuse than other ferns — thanks to the fact that it’s technically not a fern. Asparagus setaceus adapts to both bright spots and darker corners. “”If you’re more of a waterer, an excellent plant is a Chinese evergreen,”” Fried says. Aglaonema can withstand excess H2O, and it comes in a spectrum of colors, including green, pink, white, and red.

There are also many claimed psychological and physiological benefits to having houseplants. Within that limitation, there are houseplants which are native to many different types of habitat. The Victorian era saw the first use of houseplants by the middle class, which were perceived as a symbol of social status and moral value.

Also called “”The Healer Plant,”” aloe vera is the ultimate multitasker. Not only will it brighten up your home, but you can also use it in your skincare routine. It’s super low maintenance—simply keep in a bright, sunny spot to keep it alive. This pick can be toxic to pets, so if you have a furry little loved one at home, skip it. For everyone else, this is one of the easiest plants to care for, since it can thrive just fine in hardly any light.

Seasonally wet forestsIn contrast to the tropical rainforests, the alternately moist or rain-green forests have rainy and dry periods. The species found there are adapted to these dry periods and have growing and resting periods. Successful maintenance of these species requires that these rest periods are observed.

But disease-wise, an issue you’re likely to incur is root rot from too much watering. Thus, the indoor plants described here are also perfect for someone who always forgets to water their plants. In the early 20th century, there was a turn against houseplants as they were seen as dated relics of the cluttered Victorian era. When there were houseplants, the more architecturally-shaped cacti and succulents were the most common.

Sold as Thanksgiving or Christmas cacti, this species produces segmented leaves and white, pink, red, or purple flowers. With its preference for indirect light, aloe would love a spot on your desk or bedside table. Give it a good soak every week or two for optimal growth.

Sign up for top tips and ongoing advice on how to care for your plants. You must post a photo of this greenery on your feed; I don’t make the rules. Also, the sunlight will look oh-so dreamy peeping through those leaves. According to the practice of feng shui, bonsai trees bring good luck—and I have a good feeling about this mini guy. Make sure you trim it regularly, and it’ll be growing for years to come.

The plants come in different sizes and are well suited for small space gardening with minimal care. The wide, straplike, arching leaves of corn plant resemble the leaves of its namesake, corn. Yet, this houseplant belongs to the diverse dracaena family of tropical plants.

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