Landscaping Insurance Basics For Your Landscaping Business

Landscaping is a major part of any construction or building project. Without the appropriate permits, your project could get stopped and even cause damage or injury to yourself or others. Protecting your property can be tricky without proper coverage. Landscaping insurance can give coverage for both your company and all of your employees in case something unexpected happens. Depending on many variables, you might want a team of policies just to cover you, your company, and all of your employees in case something happens. Some of these variables could include the number of people working for you, the value of what you are installing on your property, where you are installing it, and the types of materials used.

Landscaping companies offer different types of Landscaping Insurance. The most common is liability coverage. If someone is injured on your property or gets hurt while on your property then this type of Landscaping Insurance is going to be what covers those costs. Depending on your state regulations, general liability insurance is also something that you should consider. This coverage can help you protect your business from lawsuits as well as other claims that might occur.

Landscaping insurance policies may also include property damage coverage. If there is damage to your property or to someone’s property from your project then you should consider this Landscaping Insurance policy. It can pay to repair or replace personal and business assets as a result of damage. It may also cover things like bicycles or even watercraft. In some states, Landscaping businesses may include both construction costs and land costs into their Landscaping Insurance. You can usually find this type of Landscaping Insurance by contacting your state’s department of insurance.

Other types of Landscaping Insurance policies will help protect your landscaping business in addition to liability and property damage coverage. One of these options is commercial building coverage. This coverage can help you protect your landscaping business against any legal claims made against your company because of injuries that may occur on your property or because of dirt, debris or other claims that have to do with any part of a commercial building. Also included in this coverage could be liability claims if someone gets hurt while on one of your walks or during any part of your property renovation activities. If you are a landlord with rental properties, then this might be the option for you to get.

Landscaping insurance coverage that also includes workers compensation is another great option that you should consider for your landscaping business. Workers compensation is an important option because it can help you in many different ways. First, you can usually claim workers compensation for employees who are injured on your job site because of a product that was improperly handled or is being used in a way that it is not designed.

Property Damage is the last option that you should consider for your landscaping businesses. This type of Landscaping Insurance is designed to cover costs that relate to damages that occur to a person’s personal property or to that of others on your property. It can also cover costs that relate to property vandalism. If there is damage to the roof, for example, liability insurance can help you cover the cost of replacing the damaged materials. If someone breaks into your house, liability coverage can cover the cost of getting it repaired or replaced. These are all excellent coverage that you should be very familiar with because they can each help you greatly in the protection of your landscaping business.

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